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We offer individually tailored, personalised coaching for the CASC exam emphasising


  •    Structured approach

  •    Communication skills

  •    Time management

  •    Key points and Buzz words

  •    Personalised and detailed verbal feedback                      

Tailored strategies to improve communication skills and time management will be discussed during the first session and subsequently candidates will be encouraged to use these techniques in every station.


During a one hour session 3-4 scenarios will be practiced. The stations practiced can be of the candidate's choice or we have a list of high yield exam stations that can be utilised.


Detailed verbal feedback is provided focusing on key points for every station practiced. 


Candidates who avail multiple one to one sessions will get discounted rates.

  • Discounted Prices for multiple sessions


Multiple practice sessions

Allows the tutor to get an in depth view of the candidate's strengths and areas requiring improvement that allows intensive practice sessions targeting specific agenda suited to the candidate.

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